Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Traditions

Other than eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, my childhood did not include many Christmas traditions, as I was raised in a Jewish household.  I attempted to incorporate a few (small white Christmas tree with blue lights, and gifts beneath it wrapped in Hanukkah paper) in my twenties, when I was single and new to the Christian faith.  It wasn't until after I was married, and then had a child, when our family Christmas traditions become defined and established.  I think they are important, and deciding together what exactly they should be make them even more special and personal.  There are years when they may need to be tweaked a little; something no longer "works", or perhaps an improvement or different idea has been discovered.  We look forward to our annual togetherness activities, and since we decide as a family what they should be, we find that each of us holds the others accountable to seeing them through. 

Our Christmas Eve usually consists of the following events:

1) Prepare gingerbread cookies.
2) Attend a Christmas Eve service.
3) Drive through our favorite neighborhood to view some of the best holiday lights in our area.

4) Share a large bowl of popcorn, while enjoying a fresh mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows.  Sometimes we include a peppermint stick.
5) Prepare for Santa's arrival.

6) Wrap up the evening with a Christmas story reading.  It can be straight from the Bible, or a book about Christmas. 

What are your Christmas Eve traditions? Do any of them need to be revamped to the liking of everyone in your immediate family? Please feel free to leave a comment that shares your thoughts and ideas!

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