Friday, June 8, 2012

$3 organic chicken coupon! Valid only in Georgia

 This coupon is good for $3 off your purchase of Springer Mountain Farms fresh tray pack or whole chicken.  It is valid only in the state of Georgia, and redeemable at Publix.   When I printed a coupon, the expiration date appeared as July 6, 2012.   When I tried to print another, a message appeared, stating "You have already printed this barcode".  A few days later, I again visited the above provided link, and I was able to print another coupon! Enjoy your savings, and healthy, organic chicken!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today is my birthday!

Today is my birthday!!!  When the calendar indicates the annual anniversary of your entrance into the world, do you experience a sense of excitement, or dread? Will you make special plans to celebrate the day, or carry on "business as usual"?

I think that being a parent helps to make the holidays and birthdays fun and exciting.  Many lessons, such as math, reading, time management, and thoughtfulness, can be learned through meal planning, activity selections, and gift giving. 

In our home, the birthday person selects the meals for the day.  Today, we will enjoy some of my favorites: pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, a salad with pasta for lunch, and dinner at our local Chinese restaurant.  I saw these adorable butterfly cupcakes a few years ago, and helped my son to prepare a variation of them for a Cub Scout meeting.  I decided that I would like these for my birthday dessert today, so preparing them will be a "craft" activity for the afternoon.

My son receives a weekly allowance.  He can spend 50% of it, but the other 50% is distributed in this manner: 10% tithe, 20% short term savings, and 20% long term savings.  The short term savings are for gift giving, and the long term savings are for the vehicle he hopes to purchase in the future.  In April, my son saw a new Webkinz hummingbird at the store.  He purchased it for me, knowing that I love hummingbirds, and he enjoys playing Webkinz games online.  His thoughtfulness regarding my birthday spilled into last night, when he searched online for a personalized birthday message, then surprised me with it being on the computer screen.

This year, my birthday will be simple, yet special, because it will include some of my favorite foods, activities, and the two most important guys in my life!