Tuesday, January 3, 2012

'Twas the Day After New Year's

I sincerely meant to post this yesterday, but some tweaking of my words went on into the night, well past the date of January 2.  I hope you enjoy reading my rhyme about the wonderful day I had, which included my two loves...pancakes and paper!

'Twas the Day After New Year's by Lisa Wagner

‘Twas the day after New Year’s,
When craft stores have sales,
On new items and clearance,
To entice the females.

The flyers are filled
With coupons galore,
To save on one item,
And also several more.
The scissors start clipping
To pinch every dollar,
While visions of paper stacks
Rise as high as my collar.

After blueberry pancakes
With syrup and cream,
I prepare to go shopping
As if in a dream.

My husband and son
Stay safely in our dwelling,
As I pack up snacks
So I won’t be kvelling.

I grab some CDs
For my listening pleasure
And inspiration
 For finding lots of treasure.

The sky was quite clear
Yet the wind was very strong,
I drove cautiously
So that nothing could go wrong.

My first stop was bliss;
What I wanted was in stock.
Yet some time flew by,
As evidenced by the clock.

The paper in bins
Near the registers up front
Distracted and teased
Which led to a hunt.

For colors and monograms
In plenty they were,
Also textures and patterns
Became such a blur,
Of notecards! And memos
For to-do lists aplenty!
Rubber stamps and stickers
To close letters with sincerity.

I gathered my selections
And my arms did ache,
Yet I liked all that I chose;
There was no mistake!

The savings were amazing!
The coupons came in handy,
When the cashier let me use two
I knew it was a dandy.
So off to the next store
I gleefully drove
With a car full of paper-
And another coupon trove.

I entered the building
And knew where to go
The scrapbook aisle beckoned;
It seemed all aglow.

As I searched for new stacks
And was looking around,
I became disappointed
For none could be found.

This store had the racks
For the advertised stock,
Yet the shelves contained nothing;
The sale was a crock!

I settled for small stacks
As they were on sale,
With numerous colors,
From bright ones to pale;
In neutrals and corals,
Citrus shades and blue,
An assorted palate
With many a hue;
To coordinate with prints
I already own
Will make layering a breeze,
Without money blown.

I chose the five stacks
That compliment my supply
Of twelve-by-twelve papers
Plus the two I did buy.
I again saved some money
With coupons galore
As I do with each purchase
Made in a craft store.

I carried my bag
Filled with a beautiful stash,
And walked to my car,
Where I praised my saved cash.
I began to think,
As I made my way home,
“Craft stores sure are great,
And they are fun to roam!”
May the New Year of 2012 be filled with delicious pancakes and beautiful paper!

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